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Skin Cancer

Each year more than a million people in the United States are diagnosed with the most common forms of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These two diseases are most often grouped as non-melanoma skin cancers.

The American Cancer Society estimates that about 1.3 million new cases of non-melanoma skin cancers will be diagnosed in the United States this year, making these two combined the most common cancer in the United States.

Most people who are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers are age 50 or older, but because these diseases often are a result of too much exposure to the sun, everyone - even the youngest toddlers - should take precautions against them.

In office surgical procedures for cancer removal can be scheduled. All Biopsies are sent to Dr. Thomas Nictori, a Skin Pathologist. Please note that a separate charge will be applied for all work checked by Dr. Nictori.