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Hair Loss

Men and women lose hair for a variety of reasons. Androgenetic alopecia, which includes male and female pattern baldness, is a genetically determined event that often passes from male to female to male, through generations. Women typically experience a diffuse thinning which may begin in teenage years or have an onset in later life that is disturbing and progressive. It is rare for women to ever develop bald spots or total baldness secondary to genetic pattern thinning. Nonetheless, the hair does become limp, lifeless, dull and devoid of curl, while progressing to some level of diffuse thinning, when this results on a genetic basis.

Alternatively, men evidence a different pattern of thinning which can begin at a variety of ages, and involve the front or top of the scalp, as either diffuse thinning or bald patches that progress to sometimes total baldness. At this time, there are two medications that may benefit genetic pattern thinning, namely topical Minoxidil, or recently introduced oral therapy, Propecia. Alternatively, may patients seek surgical intervention, namely hair replacement surgery with fine micrografts and minigrafts that can ameliorate this condition.

There are a wide variety of other reasons that men, women and children can lose hair including infectious diseases, immunologic diseases, and genetic diseases. Hair loss in any individual requires accurate diagnosis for effective treatment. Call Dr. Haydel's office to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your hair loss.